Fachschaft Anglistik

We, the Fachschaft Anglistik/Amerikanistik of the Augsburg University, are your contact if you have questions, worries, ideas or problems concerning your English studies. Feel free to drop us a few lines via email at any time or on facebook.


Everybody, with good tea manners, is welcome! You can drop by in our room and leave us a letter or you can come to one of our meetings. We also have a Fachschafts-bord, directly opposite of the Phil-Büro (D2124).

Opening Times

Our new office hour is Wednesday at 11:30 AM. We usually meet in front of the Alte Cafete, wait for a bit, and then look for a room or, if the weather is good, sit somewhere outside.

We also welcome new members in the Fachschaft Anglistik to keep it alive and floating for this and future semesters of students. Please feel more than welcome to contact us!!!

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us anyway when you see us on campus, via facebook, or via our e-mail address: fachschaftanglistik@web.de.